Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shibori dyeing

I had some leftover dye from snow-dyeing last week, so I thought I'd do some shibori dyeing. First, I used cotton string to wrap around pinched sections of my silk scarf. 

There are sooo many ways to do shibori, but I opted for simple circles. Next, soak in warm water and citric acid:
Now, into the dyepot! The dye is a mix of jade, silver, & magenta, but looks mostly dark purple:

The interesting thing about purple is that it tends to split. The reds take up into the fabric or fiber first and the blues take longer, especially the turquoise from the jade leftovers:

Purple can be tricky if you want an even tone but I really wanted the splitting. I usually keep it at 180 degrees until the water is clear. After it is cool comes the tricky untying of the string, rinse and hang it out to dry in the breeze!

Here's a close-up. I love the sheen of the silk!

You can see where the red took up first and the blues filled in later. I may be inspired to do some with more intricate wrapping. Maybe layers of dye?? Could be fun! Last step? Post it to my etsy shop!